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Shoe lasts

Shoe lasts

High quality lasts for the international footwear industry

Fagus-GreCon produces high quality plastic lasts for the international footwear industry worldwide. The product programme comprises well fitting and high precision shoe lasts for the traditional footwear manufacture as well as technical lasts for direct soling and automation. Fagus plastic lasts are produced from high-density PE (HDPE) material in best quality for a long-term use in production. The plastic blanks necessary for this purpose are made from thoroughly chosen raw materials. Every blank is X-rayed to identify impermissible cavities.

All Fagus shoe lasts are robust and characterised by high precision and an extreme longevity. The continuous NEWLAST SDF and 5-axis milling technology ensures lasts with high serial repeat accuracy. Depending on the upper design, different partitions make a smooth lasting and delasting of the shoe possible.

Your benefit

  • high quality lasts for long-term use
  • for traditional footwear manufacture
  • for direct soling and automation
  • perfect last for different production processes

Different Lasts for different Shoe manufacturering processes

AGO Lasts

AGO stands for "another great opportunity". By this procedure soles are glued with the lasted shaft using a special adhesive. Fagus-GreCon offers the following last types:


Useful equipment For easy handling of our shoelasts we offer useful equipment like for example different last holders or setting tool. Customized solutions on demand.

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