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Intelligent Detector for All Situations

09.19 Every 24 seconds a fire breaks out in the United States according to NFPA. Fire and explosion protection for manufacturers production lines is of extreme importance for a company. One of the most efficient measures to prevent fire or explosion is an early as possible identification of ignition sources. With the intelligent detection technology (IDT), Fagus GreCon offers a new high-performance detector, the DLD 1/9 intelligent spark detector. The detector identifies ignition sources in every environment and it is able to differentiate between sudden interfering light and ignition sources such as sparks or embers.

Smoldering fires are often the origin of larger fires and explosion events. Statistics clearly show that such fires and explosions in production often destroy much more than the flames actually reach, causing significant economic problems for organizations. because not all consequences of a fire can be insured. This is why a fire can often indirectly result in insolvency. Preventive fire and explosion protection are an important measure, not only to protect production, but also the company and its employees working there. Fagus GreCon - the world market leader of industrial spark extinguishing systems headquartered at the UNESCO World Heritage site or FAGUS FACTORY in Alfed, Germany – and its North American office in Charlotte, North Carolina; is offering safety and re-assurance to manufacturers with their spark detection and extinguishing systems.  Fagus GreCon has over 40 years of experience in developing protection and safety system innovations.


The GreCon spark extinguishing system provides excellent protection, while it does not fight the actual fire or explosion, it does prevent the development of a fire or explosion by early detection and elimination of the ignition source. With a GreCon system it is possible to detect and eliminate ignition sources before a fire or a dust explosion occurs. InfraRed (IR) detectors monitor the conveying paths and activate high-speed water extinguishing within milliseconds. The diversion or shut-off of the product flow is also possible if extinguishing with water is not possible for the application.


A four-level graduated alarm system ensures countermeasures are triggered quickly without interruption of the production process. Thus, damages and the resulting downtimes are minimized without disturbing the production process unnecessarily.


The intelligent detection technology (IDT), developed by Fagus GreCon, not only identifies hazardous mobile ignition sources before a fire breaks out, but IDT also is able to differentiate between dangerous sparks or harmless incidence of extraneous light due to porous/damaged pipes or the opening of an inspection flap. "With this detector we have achieved an optimal detection performance for all ignition sources in every environment, and continue to expand our pioneering role in the preventive fire protection," Mario Haas, manager of the fire protection division, says.


Additionally, filters and silos can be monitored for fires or spontaneous ignition. When in alarm, it is possible for the system to trigger extinguishing countermeasures even before the plant operator or fire brigade notices the fire.


With GreCon spark extinguishing systems a very high level of operational safety can be reached. High value production equipment must be available continuously, especially under strong international competitive pressures and economically difficult times.


Fagus GreCon also offers a decentralized machine fire protection system.  The heart of the machine fire protection system is the VdS certified fine spray extinguishing system. It influences a fire event by its quick reaction speed and location specific focus.


The GreCon VS 2 valve station facilitates an assembly directly at the object being protected. The GreCon machine fire protection system opens new possibilities for property protection with this innovative concept. With its modular design, this system can be adapted to the individual needs of each customer’s production operations. GreCon’s first preventive fire protection system was commissioned in 2015. Since then 30 systems have been installed worldwide, in different industries including flavor-type spray dryers, oil pans, wood and glass press applications.


This system is more efficient than traditional solutions on the market today. The VS 2 is connected via wet pipes. A fiberglass fire-resistant protective cover protects the assembly against dirt and fire. The extinguishing water reaches the fire source quicker as the valve stations are directly mounted at the objects being protected and the special nozzles provide for a fine water fog that not only cools the fire but also displaces the supply of oxygen.


Fagus GreCon, is a VdS approved installation company, offering professional services for assembly, installation, and commissioning of the preventive fire protection systems. This means that Fagus GreCon provides material logistics and implementation for all the necessary activities for spark extinguishing systems, as well as for machine fire protection systems. Fagus GreCon technicians and engineers mount the systems on-site working with the customer's key employees and specialists. System training by Fagus GreCon provides the customer with knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain the system. This close working relationship ensures that all systems are running smoothly at commissioning and into the future.


The integration of GreCon control console into the customer’s control system is possible via Profinet, thereby a decentralized plant architecture is possible. The safety equipment event data can be easily linked with the process control data. This is an important contribution on the way to Industry 4.0.