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Ian Niblock new Head of Fagus shoe last and mould division

02.19 As of 1 February 2019, Kai Greten, Managing Partner of Fagus-GreCon GmbH & Co. KG, hands over leadership of the Fagus shoe last and mould division (Fagus) - a function he performed besides other tasks - to Ian Niblock.

The Fagus Division includes the Fagus operations in Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, Thailand and Belarus.

Ian Niblock joined the company in 2017. As Innovation Manager and later-on as Production Manager he initiated and supported numerous improvement projects to optimise production processes and product quality.

Due to his many years as Technical Leader at Beaconsfield Footwear Ltd in Great Britain and later at Henan Prosper in China, Ian Niblock does not only have sound knowledge of automated footwear manufacture, but he has also international experience which the Fagus division needs to further develop its worldwide activities. "We will continue to expand and strengthen our position as technology leader of high-precision lasts and moulds for direct injection together with our committed and highly qualified team," Ian Niblock says.

Thanks to the combination of a high level of competence in model development as guarantor for an excellent fit, the knowledge of the interaction of fit and last design and the offer of lasts and moulds from one source, Fagus-GreCon is one of the leading suppliers for precision tools in the footwear industry.

Lasts and moulds are developed on the basis of an identical data record. As a result for the customer, coordination efforts and friction losses are reduced. The product quality is consequently increased as the two high-precision tools lasts and moulds fit together perfectly and facilitate a smooth automated footwear manufacturing process in terms of quality.

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