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Extension of the production area

11.18 Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co KG has turned the first sod for the new building for another production hall on the company's premises in Alfeld.

With this extension of the available production surface, the process improvements in the production areas shall be implemented. Furthermore, more assembly places will be available for the manufacture of large measuring systems in the future.

The complete logistics chain will be optimised thanks to the extension of the surface and the successful integration of the new building in the current situation; a main warehouse in the centre of the building complex ensures short distances in all production areas; in the new office area specialist planning, logistics and production control will be spatially consolidated to make an even better and more direct exchange of information possible thanks to short distances.

Great attention has been paid to occupational health and safety and the ergonomic design of the working places when planning the new building. Incident daylight from all sides and the design of new social rooms have been in the focus. "I'm really looking forward to the bright and economically designed working places already now. Thanks to the clear and efficient production flow, we will increase our effectiveness and our enjoyment working here; and thus the quality of our production will be further improved!" Dirk Gode, production manager at Fagus-GreCon says.

Background information on the new building:

New building surface: 1050 m² of which 900 m² production area, 150 m² offices and social area

Planning: Ronge Industriebau

Consulting architects: Wilfried Köhnemann and Thomas Mau

General contractor: Ronge Industriebau

Expected commissioning: June 2019