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DLD 1/9 - Protection from all ignition sources

04.20 Optimal detection performance ​for all ignition sources​ in any environment​ thanks to intelligent​ detection technology - IDT®

The new generation of spark detector GreCon DLD 1/9:

  • Distinguish between dangerous sparks and harmless ambient light

  • Intelligent detection technology IDT® to prevent false alarms

  • Hot particle detection up to 150 °C process temperature possible

  • Adjustable sensitivity for perfect fit to individual threat

Small ignition sources moving from one production process to the next are often the origin of large fire and explosions. Statistics clearly show that such explosions and fires in production often destroy much more things than those which the flames reach. Significant economic problems are the consequences for the companies. And not all consequences of a fire can be insured. This is why a fire often indirectly results in insolvency. Preventive fire and explosion protection is an important mean not only to protect the production, but also the company and the people working in it. Fagus-GreCon, worldwide market leader in the sector of industrial spark extinguishing systems with headquarters in Alfeld (UNESCO World Heritage site FAGUS FACTORY), has been offering more safety to the market thanks to the system of spark detection and extinguishing already for more than 40 years and still further develops the system.

Several countermeasures with no process interruption

The system offers an excellent protection as it does not fight the explosion, but prevents the development of an explosion by early detection and elimination of the ignition source. With a GreCon spark extinguishing system it is possible to detect and eliminate ignition sources before a fire or a dust explosion occurs. IR detectors monitor the conveying paths and activate high-speed water extinguishing, if necessary within milliseconds. Any carryover of ignition power can be inhibited effectively. Also the outfeed or shut-off of the product flow is possible and is used if an extinguishing with water is not possible.

Prevent production downtimes

A fourfold graduated alarm system ensures extremely quickly that adequate measures, which can run in the background without interruption of the production process in most cases, are activated automatically and specifically. Thus, damages and the often resulting downtimes are minimised without disturbing the production process unnecessarily thanks to this system.

The difference between dangerous sparks and harmless ambient light

The intelligent detection technology IDT® which is newly developed by Fagus-GreCon does not only identify highly effective mobile ignition sources before a fire breaks out. It is also able to differentiate between e.g. dangerous sparks or harmless incidence of extraneous light e.g. due to porous/damaged pipes or an opening of a revision flap. "With this detector we achieve an optimal detection performance for all ignition sources in every environment and continue to expand our pioneering role in the preventive fire protection," Mario Haas, manager of the fire protection division, says.

Furthermore filters and silos can be monitored with respect to standstill fires or spontaneous ignition that cannot be excluded when the appropriate GreCon technology is used. In case of alarm, it is possible to react with extinction even before the fire is noticed by the plant operator or the fire brigade in those cases.

Video: IDT® - The difference between dangerous sparks and harmless ambient light

A very high level of system and operational safety is reached with GreCon spark extinguishing systems. Today, this is of great importance in modern production plants under safety aspects. The permanent availability of production equipment with mostly high investment costs must be guaranteed especially in economically difficult times and under a strong international competitive pressure.

Video: IDT® - Detection of all ignition sources in different conditions

Service with competence and experience

Fagus-GreCon as VdS approved installation company offers a professional service for the assembly, installation and commissioning of the preventive fire protection systems of GreCon right from the beginning. This means that Fagus-GreCon provides for the material logistics and the implementation of all necessary activities for spark extinguishing systems as well as for machine fire protection systems. Technicians and engineers of Fagus-GreCon mount the systems on site hand in hand with the customer's experts and discuss together with them the services that must probably be provided by the customer to guarantee a smooth commissioning. If necessary, GreCon experts support the customers in the course of an instruction into the first steps with the GreCon system – so that everything runs perfectly according to customer's request.

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