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Measuring Overview

Precision is no Coincidence

Deliver Reliable Products with the expected quality at an Optimized Cost with GreCon Measuring

“You cannot control what you cannot measure.”

Our conviction of this management theory applies to production processes.

Our measuring systems supply the values that you require to control your production process. Thus helping you produce the product quality and quantity that your customers require.
Our Measuring Systems help manage the consumption of resources and improves the production quality. You can rely on our 40 years of experience in the measuring technology sector. 

Measure with GreCon before it costs!

Precise measured values for more than 40 years

With our products, we deliver reliable data for process control and quality assurance. We measure physical basic parameters as e.g. moisture, and weight, as well as as well as process-specific parameters which are determined based on physical models.

We offer measuring systems to our customers of the wood based panel industry to record and process almost every relevant measuring size. We have the appropriate solution for many other applications such as, plastics, insulating material, rubber and mineral wool. You work with web or panel-type materials? Contact us!

We provide our customers the tailored solution for every industry-specific requirement from the blow detection via the identification of contaminations to the evaluation of the surface qualities in terms of colour and decor.

Industry 4.0 is only possible with reliable and comprehensible values. More and more processes are controlled automatically by measured values. The measured values of a system act as measuring transducers for downstream systems, as e.g. the GreCon-FORMATOR in case of the forming optimisation.



The userfriendly software of GreCon measuring system is based on the operating system Windows. Database, recipe administration and customized report functions provide those information the user needs quickly and clearly either in numerical or in graphical representation.

Reasons why we are trusted by many

  • Customer-specific system design
  • High innovative capacity: more than 10% of the employees work in the R & D division
  • Worldwide customer service network: more than 80 service technicians on duty worldwide
  • Efficient sales network: represented in more than 35 countries
  • High expertise: more than 40 years of experience in the measuring technology sector

Maintenance & Support

Personal Customer Service with Competence and Experience Is Our Strength

Reliability – that’s what we are here for! Both in the field with fire protection and in the production line with measuring and inspection technology.

The GreCon spark extinguishing system detects sparks and extinguishes them before they cause damage. A service plan - which was developed  especially  for  these systems - enhances the reliability and removes any worry of damage of your GreCon systems. Measuring and inspection technology from GreCon will help you to optimise the use of energy and resources by gaining objective data. The quality and reliability of these measuring and inspection results influences your product quality and your production result. 

Guaranteed measurement capability

Prior to delivery, each measuring system generally undergoes a measuring system analysis according to MSA, type-1 study. In this analysis, the repeatability (Cg) and the bias (Cgk) of the measuring system are determined. If the determined values are within the defined tolerance limits, the measuring device is rated capable of measuring.

On demand, you will receive a certificate on delivery of the system. To assess the capability of the measuring process, we also carry out a measuring system analysis, type-2 study, on demand. We will be pleased to submit a corresponding quotation.