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Continuous objective sorting of coated panels with the surface inspection system SUPERSCAN SPM/L

The SUPERSCAN SPM/L replaces the manual inspection of panel-shaped materials. This continuous and constant quality control ensures consistent panel quality. The SUPERSCAN SPM/L inspects the surface decor of each panel inline. Defect reports and statistical data allow detailed conclusions of the upstream production process and the product quality. Not only sorting, but the entire production process can be optimized.

  • Furniture board: Virtual grid of the complete panel using cut-to-size sections is possible.
  • Flooring: Defect allocation of individual planks and marking on the complete panel for one-sided inspection.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reliable, objective, complete inspection of press sizecomplete panels
  • Quick and automatic learning of new decors
  • Detection of optical and topological defects
  • Early defect detection reduces customer quality complaints
  • Detailed reports on defect location on the panel
  • Inspection and marking of the individual panel sections
  • Automatic order change through integration into the customer IT
  • Monitoring the synchronicity of paper and imprint

Design of the system

The basic construction of the measuring system is a solid, closed frame. Doors allow easy access to individual measuring components. Slight overpressure provides optimum measuring conditions while cooling the light source.

Measuring method

Each panel is inspected by a camera system, inspecting either one or both top and bottom surfaces. Defective areas are detected where the surface decor differs from the normal (perfect) surface. Each defective area is classified (typified) in light and dark defects. The parameters for quality allocation and the sorting criteria are easily adjustable.

The system is self-learning. It can distinguish between new and known decors. For known surfaces, the stored image data is simply called up from a database at the beginning of a new order. The system is immediately operational.

For new decors, two successive panels are compared. If the deviations between the panels are smaller than the preset tolerance limits, these panels will be  used as samples. All following panels are compared with the new decor. This procedure is very easy and takes only a few minutes so that any number of different surfaces can be stored within a short time period.

Defects on the surface of each panel are determined and, if desired, displayed on the monitor. Quality is determined by evaluating data, such as defect type, size and position. The sorting station is automatically triggered by the quality definition.

Software Features


The visualization software of all GreCon measuring systems is based on Windows. 


Network Connection

For the data transmission to higher-ranking process control  systems,  different  network  connections, such as Profibus, are available.



The core of the software package is the visualisation software.  It  records,  stores  and  graphically  represents all measured data. The simple menu structure, which is identical for all GreCon measuring systems, provides intuitive and user-friendly operation.

Monitoring of the Synchronised Grain with the Reflex Module

The Task

The impression of authenticity of laminate, whether wood or floor tiles, is determined by a number of features. For the  end  user,  it  is  especially  important  that  the  optical impression  and  the  haptic  feeling  leave  a  convincing overall impression. To achieve this, laminate collections were created that are their natural examples’ equals in these features.

The surface structures, such as the wood grain or the joint structure of the tiles, are generated synchronously to the decor of the laminate flooring. To guarantee an optimum product quality, the monitoring of this synchronism during the running production process is imperative. This was the task that GreCon took care of.

The Technique

Pressing tools made out of stainless steel, which bear the desired surface structures, press the decors and the carrier panels to one unit. 

The result is the end product - the laminate - in its diverse shapes and colours. The required matching of decor and surface structure is a challenge to the accuracy of the fully automatic production, which operates with more and more decreasing cycle times.

The Solution

The surface inspection system SUPERSCAN of GreCon supplies  a  solution  to  ensure  a  constant accuracy and quality of the laminate.The inspection system automatically determines the translation (displacement) and the rotation of both the decor and the imprinted structure. If these two structures (layers) shift against each other, this will be recognized. The detected changes can be used to optimize the positioning by the upstream layering unit. Panels (laminates) with non-synchronous features (mismatch) are recognized and can be sorted out.

    • patches,
    • grey tinge
    • insects
    • dirt
    • paper displacement
    • paper folds
    • paper scraps
    • thermal reams
    • dents
    • topological press plate faults
    • overlay faults
    • panel abrasion

    Most of the mentioned faults and defects can be exclusively and clearly allocated to a special defect type by combining both modules.

    • missing overlay
    • double overlay

Technical Data

Panel width: 36 to 104 in [900 to 2650 mm] (on request other dimensions are possible)
Panel length: up to 255 in [6500 mm]
Production process: cycle/continuous
Panel thickness: 0.2 to 1.97 in [5 to 50 mm]
Defect size: from 0.04 in² [1 mm²]

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