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GreCon MM 6000

Penetrating inline moisture measurement with microwave technology

Wherever precise product moisture is required, the inline moisture analysers provide the users with the necessary information. The continual availability of product properties allows for easy adjustment of the production process to ensure a high standard of product quality. The moisture content of the material used or produced is of utmost importance because it must be neither too wet nor too dry, independent of the application.

Benefits at a glance

  • Extremely fast and precise moisture measurement
  • No influence by colour and form of the material to be measured
  • Independent of density
  • Long-time stability
  • Fast and early detection of troubles
  • Contact (MM 6000) or non-contact (MM 6000 VS) measurement, depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Non-contact measurement of endless materials (MM 6000 VS)
  • Suitable for continuous and discontinuous material flows
  • Continuous measurement of the moisture content of endless materials (MM 6000 VS)

Design of the system

The  MM  6000  series  measuring  systems  provide precise  measuring  results.  Measurement  is  conducted inline, independent of density, surface structure and colour of the material measured. Due to the deep penetration of the microwave field/signal into the product, the water, which is physically bound, is determined by the sensor‘s detuning and attenuation of the frequency of resonance.

Measurement is done either by contact of the material with the measuring head/sensor (MM 6000) or in a noncontact way by a slit sensor (MM 6000 VS). The non-contact measuring method is suitable for both continuous (MM 6000 VS) and non-continuous (MM 6000 VS LMS) material flows.

Areas of Application

  • An MM 6000 (up to 158 °F [70 °C]) and MM 6000 XT (< 284 °F [140 °C]) is preferred in this position. At the dryer outlet after the rotary valve in the drop chut, the moisture values can be used to control and regulate the dryer. References exist for particle board and MDF-applications.

  • The use of a moisture analyser in or after the forming line gives final data about the moisture of the spread chip or fibre mat. Control of upstream processes of chip or fibre processing are possible.

  • The finished panels are checked inline for the predetermined moisture values. Thus, it is ensured that the panels are supplied to the end customers with the right moisture. MM 6000 VS is preferred in this position.

  • The material (e.g. MDF, OSB or chips) passes equaly the sensor. The preferred sensor is MM 6000. 

Food Industry

preferred sensor is either MM 6000 or MM 6000 XT

Paper / Foil Industry

preferred sensor is MM 6000 VS LMS; for automatic calibration the sensor leaves the production lane on its own

Pet Food Industry

preferred sensor is either MM 6000 or MM 6000 XT

Tobacco Industry

preferred sensor is either MM 6000 or MM 6000 XT

Technical Data

Measuring range:0% to 18% 
Measuring Accuracy:± 2% standard deviation for tenfold measurement
Measuring time:<1 second
Product Memory:32 products
Micorwave power:< 20 mW
Sample Temperatures:32° to + 158° F [0° to +70° C]
Ambient Temperatures:32° to + 104° F [0° to 40° C]

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  • Our experts ensure an optimal and reliable function of your GreCon measuring systems in agreed intervals.

  • The GreCon measuring systems are equipped with the GreCon Remote Support to support the operators. This system makes a safe, easy and quick remote support possible in case of any possible failure, to control the system or to answer questions.

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