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GreCon IR 5000

Contactless inline moisture measurement with infrared technology

Wherever precise product moisture is required, the inline moisture analysers provide the users with the necessary information. The continual availability of product properties allows for easy adjustment of the production process to ensure a high product quality standard.

For the production of wood based panels, the moisture content of the material used is of utmost importance. Chips and fibres must be neither too wet nor too dry. If they are too wet, reductions in panel quality and slower production speeds will occur. If they are too dry, energy is wasted. The same applies to glued material.

Benefits at a glance

  • Avoid faults produced with wrong moisture
  • Non-contact measuring system
  • Measurement of chips/fibres within bins/screw conveyors through a glass pane
  • Best quality of measured values due to 7000 measurements per minute
  • The measuring system is pre-calibrated
  • Check of the system‘s stability by Auto Reference Standard (ARS)

Design of the system

The Moisture Analyser IR 5000 consists of a non-contact measuring head and a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for calibration and parameterisation of the moisture analyser. The HMI is installed near the measuring head where it is also used as an external display in the measuring position. This arrangement makes reading of the measured moisture values easy when taking samples for laboratory measurements.
By using a glass pane, it is possible to measure the moisture of material flows in enclosed conveying systems. The measured values can be transferred to a higher-ranking process control system via a network connection to display the values in the control station. Analog outputs and programmable digital contacts are available for additional control tasks. The housings of measuring head and HMI are dust and water proof.
For applications in extreme ambient temperatures, appropriate accessories are available. Up to 80 different system adjustments can be stored in the product memory, which makes an adaptation to different recipes possible.

Measuring method

The non-contact inline measuring system works with an optical measurement transducer. Light in the NIR region is used, which is absorbed by the material moisture. This means: The more moisture in the material being measured, the less light is reflected. A light beam, which is emitted by a halogen lamp (1), is divided into several measuring (4) and reference beams (5) by means of a mirror-lens combination (2).
The rays are led through a filter wheel (3) to filter out the excessive spectral regions of the light. The remaining rays of the NIR region are projected onto the material to be measured. The reflected light, the intensity of which depends on the moisture content, is compared with the reference beams in the measuring head and used to calculate the material moisture. Due to the division into several measuring and reference beams and the dual-detector principle (6), a high system reliability and measuring accuracy - independent of external influences - is obtained.


The IR 5000 is supplied pre-calibrated and equipped with an operator interface HMI for calibration and parameterisation of the moisture analyser. Calibration can be easily checked by an Auto Reference Standard (ARS).

Areas of Application in the wood based panel industry

  • A combination of two IR 5000 is preferred in dryers. With the measured product moisture before the dryer, the amount of material can be regulated via the feed velocity. At the dryer outlet, the moisture values can be used to regulate the dryer to ensure constant product moisture, and to save energy through control of the drying process.

  • In screw conveyors, the moisture is measured directly in the material flow through a glass pane.

  • The IR 5000 can be installed in or after conveyor belts for continuous moisture measurement.

  • In drop chutes, e.g. after dryers, the IR 5000 is used with a measuring device (MV). With the integrated collecting basin of the MV, material is collected and measured. This method allows the measurement of freely falling materials with the IR 5000.

    The measuring device is especially suitable to determine the material moisture. With the measuring device, the material is collected and measured in a special collecting basin. After each measurement, a flap mechanism is opened, and the measured material is returned to the production process. At the same time, new material is taken and measurement starts again.

    The measuring device has an access port to the outside which makes the taking of samples and a check of the IR 5000 measuring system possible at any time (even during production). This development gives you reliable moisture measurement directly after the dryer. A further advantage is the ability to check the measured results at any time.

  • Similar to the drying process, two moisture analysers are used in the blender area. The automatic supply of glue can be regulated by the values measured at the inlet and outlet of the blender. Gluing is optimised, which ensures the high strength properties of wood based material.

  • The use of a moisture analyser in or after the forming line gives final data about the spread chip or fibre mat. Automatic control of upstream processes of chip or fibre processing is possible.

Software functions and visualisation

Network Connection

For the data transmission to higher-ranking process control systems, different network connections are available.

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage 90 V ± 10 % / 264 V ± 10 %
    Frequency 47 Hz / 63 Hz
    Mains type Phase/neutral conductor/protective conductor
    Power consumption 42 VA
  • Places of installation (other places of installation on request) See Applications
    Ambient temperature 0 to 122 °F [0 to 50 °C]
    Relative humidity non-condensing
    Protection class IP65 (optionally ATEX Zone 22)
    Measuring distance 9.84 in [250 mm]
    Max. material height fluctuation ± 3.93 in [100 mm]
    *Other ambient temperatures are possible with corresponding heating/cooling equipment (optional)*
  • Type of material MDF, Chip, OSB, Bulk Materials
    Production Speed 787.4 ft/min [240 m/min]
    Product Temperature frost free +33.8 °F to 194 °F [+1 °C to +90 °C]
  • Number 1
    Measuring range Changeable , 0 - 30 % and 30 - 130 % (atro)
    Repeat accuracy (in case of constant environmental conditions) Measuring accuracy: ± 0.1 % from the end value of the measuring range of the weighing cell
    Resolution (diameter of the measured spot) 0.01 %
    • Profibus
    • 2x current 4…20 mA
    • Ethernet
    • MODBUS
    • 2x alarm outputs (digital)

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  • Our experts ensure an optimal and reliable function of your GreCon measuring systems in agreed intervals.

  • The GreCon measuring systems are equipped with the GreCon Remote Support to support the operators. This system makes a safe, easy and quick remote support possible in case of any possible failure, to control the system or to answer questions.

  • Fagus GreCon, Inc. offers a continental network of subsidiaries and sales and service partners with internal qualified service staff. Thus, a competent partner is available to you in case of need within very short time and in short distance.

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