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GreCon HPS 5000

Non-Contact High-Precision Scale to Measure Panel Weight and Material Distribution

The high-precision scale "HPS 5000" by GreCon measures, in high resolution and across the entire material width, the weight per unit area distribution of finished materials (panels) directly after the press or saw. With this, minute deviations in the weight per unit area distribution can be detected.

Benefits at a glance

  • Complete (100 %) non-contact measurement
  • Detection and optimization of material consumption
  • High accuracy and flexibility due to fine resolution and tareless measurement
  • Weight measurement of the entire panel and grid evaluation in a selectable resolution
  • Fluctuations in weight along and across production are immediately detected and can be corrected
  • Product classification
  • Confidence against underweight panels or panel sections
  • Possibility for optimum nominal value adaptation
  • Little space required for installation
  • Measuring reliability due to quick calibration
  • Parallel measurements and comparison of laboratory cuts by HPS and in the laboratory
  • Calculation of raw density in combination with a thickness gauge
  • Optional linkage with DIEFFENSOR for automatic regulation

Measuring method

The HPS 5000 uses the absorption measuring method. One or more X-ray sources are installed above the material flow. High-precision detectors below the material flow measure the residual radiation that has not been absorbed by the material. The weight per unit area and the material distribution can be determined from the degree of attenuation of the specific density of the penetrated material.
The panel weight is calculated from the measured weight per unit area considering the panel size.
The panels are weighed inline and continuously. Even light or short panels can be weighed, independent of the production speed.


The HPS 5000 is equipped with a calibration check, using a sample drawer with which samples cut from production are measured during production.
The sample measurement simulates the procedure of laboratory cuts, based on the measured data of the HPS. The recipe-specific weight per unit area is adjusted to the measured absorption coefficient.

HPS after the Press or Cross Cut Saw

The HPS 5000 is the optimum solution for production lines running at very high speeds, for an unfavourable ratio of tare and panel weight and/or for small spaces.
Additionally, the HPS 5000 can be linked with a GreCon Thickness Gauge to calculate the average raw density as well as its distribution within the panel and to optimize the production process. Thus, all production reserves can be exploited for optimization.
Besides weight measurement, the material fluctuations of each panel are determined along and across the production direction. The weighing technology in the forming line can be monitored. The measured values are visualized and stored in a database and can be used to adjust and optimize the production process with the goal to reduce material consumption.

Software Functions

  • An MM 6000 (up to 158 °F [70 °C]) and MM 6000 XT (< 284 °F 1[40 °C]) is preferred in this position. At the dryer outlet after the rotary valve in the drop chut, the moisture values can be used to control and regulate the dryer. References exist for particle board and MDF-applications.

    The core of the software package is the visualisation software. It records, stores and graphically represents all measured data. The simple menu structure, which is identical for all GreCon measuring systems, provides intuitive operation. Clear information and graphics enable the operator to quickly and effectively adjust the production process.

  • The use of a moisture analyser in or after the forming line gives final data about the moisture of the spread chip or fibre mat. Control of upstream processes of chip or fibre processing are possible.

    Process fluctuations are indicated by recipe-specific comparison of nominal and actual values. Precise measured values and their clear numerical and graphical representation allow a timely intervention in the production process to ensure consistent product quality while the consumption of material and energy is optimised.

  • The finished panels are checked inline for the predetermined moisture values. Thus, it is ensured that the panels are supplied to the end customers with the right moisture. MM 6000 VS is preferred in this position.

    The database stores the measured values and provides a function to export them to other file formats for additional processing and evaluation. A uniform data structure provides easily accessible data for process control systems.

  • The material (e.g. MDF, OSB or chips) passes equaly the sensor. The preferred sensor is MM 6000. 

    The measured values allow a quick view of the production trend at any time. Long-term evaluations graphically show the effects of changes in production parameters. Reports for additional analysis can be generated from the evaluated process data (provision of the values for control systems). 

  • For the data transmission to higher-ranking process control systems, different network connections, such as OPC or ODBC, are available. Profibus and Profinet are available on demand.

Sample Measuring Procedure

The sample is fixed by pneumatic cylinders. The sample is placed in the drawer at the side. Measurement is started with a hand-actuated auxiliary switch and conducted in a panel gap.

Technical Data

  • Measuring range: 0.2 to 10 8 lbs/ft² [1 to 540 kg/m²]
    Panel speed: < 720 ft/min [240 m/min]
    Panel length: > 6.56 ft [ 2 m]
    Measuring accuracy: ± 0.,5 % (of actual weight)
    Measuring accuracy: ± 0.005 lbs/ft² [25 g/m²]
    other ranges on request  
  • GreCon measuring systems are generally equipped with the online support GreCon SATELLITE. On demand, this system provides safe and fast remote support. Each online support is logged and stored in the system’s history.

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  • The GreCon measuring systems are equipped with the GreCon Remote Support to support the operators. This system makes a safe, easy and quick remote support possible in case of any possible failure, to control the system or to answer questions.

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