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GreCon DMR 6000

Contact inline thickness measurement

Measurement is conducted by contact which allows an absolute measurement of dimensionally stable materials, such as MDF, OSB, particleboard, leather, caoutchouc, acrylic glass, insulating paper.

Benefits at a glance

  • Can be combined with board scale or weight per unit area gauge to calculate the raw density
  • Feedback to control components
  • Combination with ct-frame = maintenance during running production
  • Increase in material efficiency = decrease in production costs
  • Measuring System Analysis (MSA), type-1 study

Design of the system

Frame concept

An optimal distribution of horizontal forces by a concentric track arrangement was considered in the design and provides for highest precision. The closed frame protects all components, such as cable and air channels, measuring head electronics and compressed air supply, against influences from the surrounding industrial environment. When installing the frame, a modification of the roller conveyor is only necessary in individual cases. Easily accessible inspection flaps allow an optimal access to the measuring system at any time.

Set-Point Positioning

The measuring heads stay in their position after the last measurement. This reduces the mechanical strain of both the panel edges and the measuring heads increasing the life of the measuring elements. Furthermore, the consumption of compressed air is also reduced. Even in case of a compressed air failure, the heads stay in their last position. The measuring heads are selected according to the material to be measured.

Measuring method

The Thickness Gauge DMR measures the thickness of solid materials by tactile measurement. A difference is made in the measuring principle between unilateral measurement and difference measurement. With the unilateral measurement, the material is scanned from only one side and a stop or a transport conveyor corresponding to the zero line is provided on the opposite side. With the difference measurement, the material thickness is calculated by scanning both sides and offsetting both values so that also vibrations and deflections can be compensated. First, the system must be calibrated without samples, and then the measuring process can start. The thickness is measured by scanning the material surface with rollers. A change of position results. This change of position is evaluated by an optical sensor (glass scale) with digital reading. Depending on the scope of change, electrical signals are transferred by optical scanning of the scale to an evaluation unit where they are counted. The measuring results determine the thickness of the measured material. Every measuring track is shown in a graphic on a screen including the measured value.

Thereby, it is possible to adapt the production to a sanding allowance.


  • The visualisation is the core of the software. The recorded measuring data is collected, registered and graphically processed. The easy menu structure which is adapted to all measuring systems makes an intuitive and user-friendly operation possible.

    The ergonomically designed software based on the Windows operating system allows an easy handling of the system by the operator. The recorded measured values are processed and displayed in a clearly structured way.

    Thanks to the visualisation software in modular design, the system can be adapted to your requirements so that the operation of the plant with different applications is possible. Furthermore the surface of the visualisation software can be compiled according to your needs.

  • The measuring data is issued graphically and numerically:

    • Alert if the tolerances are not observed 
    • Display of the position in which the tolerances are not observed 
    • Freely configurable display of numerical parameters as information on the production type or statistics.
  • By integration of the raw panel scale, the weight and the average raw density are displayed in the visualisation software in addition to the measured thickness values.

    Visualisation of several thickness measurements on a computer (sanding line)

    Oscillating operation
    Use in case of sanding lines. With this function, the measuring tracks are controlled automatically so that the tracks are active between which the panel moves. 

    Pack measurement
    Several panels are measured in a pack. The recorded measured pack values are evaluated per panel.

  • The system can be adapted optimally to the different requirements via recipes. The structure of the recipe management is very easy. The input of the panel-specific data enables the operator to start the measurement with only few mouse clicks. The start of a measurement and the necessary selection of a recipe make the integration of the measurement system into the process chain possible.

    All default values of a production type are saved in the recipe management. Besides the production parameters, as e.g. 

    • panel thickness
    • panel width
    • panel length
    • raw density
    • tolerances

    also all measuring-specific parameters are filed under the production type. When the production type is loaded again, all necessary parameters are available again.

    • Any panel data is stored in an SQL data base together with the recipe parameters and the measuring results.
    • Display of the position and the scope of the violated tolerances of historical panels.
    • Easy search function via date and time.
    • Export of panel data.
  • Individual time-relevant reports as e.g. the shift and month reports can be generated from the data base.

    The graphic presently shown on the screen can be printed out by pressing a button. Furthermore it is possible to print out a numerical report in case of a change of the production types or the shift.

    It is possible to generate different reports automatically and store or print them, as for example:

    • shift report
    • type report
    • graphic report

    Furthermore it is possible to print out a screen shot of the history for statistical purposes. The data can also be exported from the history management in the standard file format XLS.


  • Carbon board
  • Fibreboard
  • Gypsum board
  • Glass fibre board
  • Rubber
  • Wood based panels
  • Insulating cardboard
  • Plastic boards or endless plastic foils
  • Solid wood
  • Mineral fibre
  • Wet fibreboard
  • Leather
  • Linoleum
  • Pallet blocks
  • Acrylic glass
  • Plywood
  • Expanded metal
  • Non-woven fabrics

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage 230 V ± 10 % / 110 V ± 10 %
    Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    Mains type Phase/neutral, conductor/protective, conductor
    Power consumption 450 VA
    Compressed air supply 87 Psi [6 bar]
    Compressed air consumption 15.85 gal/min [60 l/min]
  • Places of installation (other places of installation on request) Downstream of the diagonal saw
    Ambient temperature 41 to 113 °F [5 to 45 °C]
    Relative humidity non-condensing
    Protection class IP54
  • Type of material MDF, chip, OSB, plywood, plastics (other materials on request)
    Material/panel size max. 157.48 in [4000 mm]
    Material/panel thickness max. 3.14 in [80 mm] (other thicknesses on request)
    Transport speed max. 787.4 ft/min [240 m/min]
  • Number 10 tracks
    Measuring process By contact
    Measuring range 0 to 3.14 in [0 to 80 mm] (other on request)
    Repeat accuracy (in case of constant environmental conditions) + 0.00059 in [0.015 mm] (+ 2 σ)
    Resolution (diameter of the measured spot) 0.00039 in [0.01 mm]
    Minimum distance between two sensors 6.69 in [170 mm]
    • OPC
    • Ethernet
    • Digital I/O
    • 4…20 mA
    • 0…10 V

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