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Weight Per Unit Area Measurement and Protection against Foreign Objects

The X-ray scanner DIEFFENSOR determines the weight per unit area across the width of endless materials on the production line. Compared with usual weighing systems, the operator obtains a complete picture of the material distribution of the endless material directly after forming. The information on the material distribution can be used to intervene in the forming process using suitable tools (e.g. FORMATOR, adjusting tables). Because of the high resolution in a square millimetre range, an exact determination of the size and position of foreign objects is possible. Both metallic and non-metallic materials that are out of the density tolerance of the measured product (e.g. glue or fibre lumps, plastics, light metal parts or material overspreading) are detected. Even hot spots and wet spots that may impair the production process of insulating materials, can be detected.

Benefits at a glance

  • Complete non-contact measurement of the weight per unit area
  • High accuracy and flexibility due to fine resolution
  • Optimization of material consumption through analysis of longitudinal and cross profile
  • foreign object detection for protection against damages (e.g. steel belt protection, hot spots, wet spots, etc.)
  • Longer life of the steel belts
  • Process-related, systematic deviations are shown and can be reduced.
  • Material, glue and energy can clearly be reduced.
  • Can be combined with segmented scalper to form a FORMATOR

Benefits in detail

  • The  weight per unit area measurement can be configured in many ways and adjusted to the production requirements. Besides cross profiles and a track-related summary of individual sections, a long-term trend  along the production direction can be generated. Different statistical evaluations are available to analyse the material distribution.

  • The “automatic cut of samples” function allows a precise comparison of a real sample and inline measurement. The mat is marked and a signal given to divert the sample out of the material transport. The marking allows an allocation of the mat section as a laboratory sample. In addition, a sample measuring mode is available. The measured values recorded are displayed in different colours in the visualisation software according to the size of the laboratory samples.

  • In different production processes, e.g. the insulating material industry, hot spots can cause severe damage to production equipment due to delayed heat release. Missing material can lead to expensive customer complaints or reduced quality. With high-resolution evaluation, the DIEFFENSOR is able to detect foreign objects, such as glue lumps, hot spots, wet spots as well as metallic and non-metallic elements. Even areas that are too light, such as air voids or missing material, can be detected. The detection of foreign objects or air voids is done by eight threshold values that can be configured independently of each other. Each measurement exceeding threshold values can be allocated to a digital output. Thus, the signals can be directly integrated in the plant control as suitable protection measure. Faulty areas can also be marked in different colours. All detected excesses over threshold values are stored in a database for later analysis.


    The userfriendly software of GreCon measuring system is based on the operating system Windows. Database, recipe administration and customized report functions provide those information the user needs quickly and clearly either in numerical or in graphical representation.

Measuring method

Compared to traversing measuring systems based on averaging, the DIEFFENSOR measures all the material with high resolution and can thus detect minute deviations in the weight per unit area distribution. A 100 % material distribution picture is generated across and along the production line. Process fluctuations are represented by recipe-specific comparison of nominal and actual values. Precise measured values and their clear numerical and graphical representation allow for timely intervention in the production process to ensure consistent product quality while the consumption of material and energy is optimized. The measured values allow a quick view of the production trend at any time. Long-time evaluations graphically show the effects of changes in production parameters. Reports for further analysis can be generated from the evaluated process data. The system is equipped with an automatic calibration. The DIEFFENSOR is calibrated to a reference sample at regular intervals.


  • Wood based panel industry
  • Insulating material industry
  • Gypsum
  • Transformer board
  • Plastics

Technical Data

Measuring range: up to 10.24 lb/ft² [50 kg/m²]
Product speed: 0 up to 118.1 in/s (590 ft/min) [0 up to 3,000 mm/s (180 m/min)]
Product height: 0 up to 19.7 in [0 up to 500 mm]
Product width: 0 up to 157.5 in [0 up to 4,000 mm]
Deviations on demand  

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