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GreCon ABC 7

Inline material flow control in cyclones with infrared technology

The main components of the ABC 7 monitoring system are infrared transmitters and receivers that are installed on the cyclone walls (ATEX-approved, if necessary). The measuring principle uses an infrared signal that penetrates the material flow and is detected by the receiver. As soon as an accumulation of material occurs, the infrared signal is interrupted and the receiver does not detect the infrared signal any more. A message is immediately sent to the operator, and the material flow leading to the cyclone is diverted or shut down automatically. To avoid momentary signal interruption causing an immediate shutdown, an alarm timing threshold is integrated in the system. The reaction time of the system can be adjusted.

Benefits at a glance

  • Avoid production shutdowns
  • Eliminates unnecessary environmental pollution and emissions
  • Detection of blockages of the rotary valve

Measuring method

The ABC 7 control console is the core of the cyclone blockage detector. It collects the measuring signals of the individual monitoring zones of different cyclones. When a material blockage occurs in one of the connected cyclones, the operators are informed immediately, and the conveyor fans in the corresponding areas shut down via voltage-free relay outputs.
Equipped with modern plug-in card system, the modular control console can be configured for monitoring of up to 12 cyclones. Special infrared transmitters are used to generate a stable infrared signal.

Receivers using a highly sensitive electronics detect the infrared signal. The combination of both components guarantees a perfect operation, even for big cyclones with long distances between transmitter and receiver. Two types of transmitters and receivers are available for different applications.

For process temperatures below 140°F [60 °C], the transmitters and receivers are installed directly on the cyclone wall.
In areas of high process temperatures (> 140 to 680 °F [60 to 360 °C]), such as material drying processes, the transmitters and receivers are connected with the cyclone via fibre optic cables. Thus, the electronics is separated from the high working temperatures in the installation position. Additional cooling measures are not necessary.

Mounting adapters

The transmitters and receivers as well as the fibre optic cables are mounted on the cyclone wall by means of patented mounting adapters, which are constructed in such a way that they can be flush-mounted and hardly impair the material flow.


  • Particleboard
  • MDF board (fibre moisture < 12 %)
  • HDF board (fibre moisture < 12 %)

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