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Measuring Technology in the Wood-Based Panel Industry

Solutions and concepts for the wood-based panel industry

Wood is one of the most sought-after renewable raw materials. Researchers are forecasting that wood as well as finishing products conquer always new fields of application and will replace concrete and steel. A sustainable forestry as resource-saving material use is absolutely necessary to be able to meet the resulting increasing demand for raw materials. The increasing share of recycled wood, the use of alternative materials along with always stricter environmental regulations in connection with the wish for always thinner and lighter wood-based panels which are nevertheless durable as always pose always new challenges for the wood-based panel industry.

Since more than 50 years we have been supporting the wood-based panel industry with innovative and reliable measuring technology along the entire process chain.

Challenges in the production optimisation and quality control

A multitude of challenges result from the diverse requirements with respect to the product properties for the production process.

  • Energy and material savings
  • Production optimisation
  • Quality control
  • Avoidance of customer complaints

Besides the product quality, the resource-saving use of energy and material plays a decisive role. Measuring technology systems from Fagus-GreCon provide reliable measured values in the scope of your process and quality control and thereby form an important part of your quality assurance system.

Our individual measuring technology solutions for the wood-based panel industry offer you a high degree of flexibility in terms of the installation positions and the dimensioning of the measuring technology systems. Thanks to the possible integration of measuring systems to determine the material distribution, the humidity, the thickness and delaminations we develop an all-round solution tailored to your needs.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Complete measuring technology programme from one single source
  • Reduction of material fluctuations
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Cost reduction by material and energy saving
  • Optimisation of the drying time
  • Possibility of the controlled intervention into the production process

Our measuring solutions in your production

Reduce the energy costs

Energy costs accrue when raw materials or materials are treated and processed thermally or mechanically. These energy costs can be reduced thanks to a continuous control of the material use and the production process and their optimisation.

We reduce your energy costs and thus improve your result with our measuring systems!

Increase the customer satisfaction

Almost all industrially manufactured products are subject to product standards in which the technical characteristics and the tolerances are described. The manufacturers must observe these standards. In case of official buildings, legal directives must even be observed to protect the well-being of the people.

Our measuring systems make an inline quality control in the production process possible and help to optimise the process.

Use raw materials effeciently

An optimised production does not only mean cost and energy efficiency. It also leads to a sustainable and resource-saving use of materials.

Sustainable and resource-saving means to reduce unintentional excesses and avoidable costs.

Our measuring systems reveal potentials for a material saving and monitor the process so that a minimum of resources has to be used.

Your customer advisors for Measuring Systems

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 Jamie Nott
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