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Measuring technology in the Plastic sheeting production

Solutions and concepts of the plastic sheeting production

Nonwovens belong to the materials with the most diverse possibilities of application. They are used in numerous technical areas besides the better known medical and sanitary products. Special quality requirements must be met particularly in the construction industry, the automobile industry or the filtration industry.

This is where we provide support thanks to the tailored measuring technology solutions of Fagus-GreCon!

Challenges in the production optimisation and quality control

Calender, flat or ring extruders are usually used to produce plastic webs, soft foils and elastomer sheets. They determine the thickness of the produced sheets and their quality and the required material use. In connection with the use of different raw materials and the often complex requirements of the final product, the following challenges result:

  • Energy and material savings
  • Production optimisation
  • Quality control
  • Avoidance of customer complaints

Besides the compliance of the defined product quality, the resource-saving use of energy and material plays a decisive role - due to the energy-intensive production process and the necessary chemical substances. GreCon measuring technology solutions help to optimise the production process continuously and to control the quality during the process in the scope of your quality assurance system.

Solutions and concepts for the production of plastic sheeting

Different demands require different solutions. Our individual measuring technology solutions for the plastic sheeting production offer you a high degree of flexibility with respect to the installation position and the dimensioning of the measuring technology system. We develop an all-around solution tailored to your needs by the possible integration of measuring systems to detect foreign bodies and measure the material distribution and the thickness.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of material fluctuations
  • Measurement of the material distribution to the edges
  • Consistent high product quality
  • Cost reduction by material and energy saving
  • Detection of foreign bodies
  • Reduction of the manual quality control
  • Continuous quality control
  • Possibility of a controlled intervention into the production process
  • Avoidance of customer complaints

Our measurement solutions in your production

Reduce energy costs

Energy costs accrue wherever raw materials or materials are treated or processed thermally or mechanically. These energy costs can be reduced by a continuous control of the material use and the production processes as well as their optimisation.

You reduce your energy costs and improve your result with our measuring systems!

Increase the customer satisfaction

Almost all industrially manufactured products are subject to product standards in which the technical characteristics and the tolerances are described. The manufacturers must comply with these standards. Sometimes there are also legal directives which must be complied with for the well-being of people.

Our measuring systems make an inline quality control in the production process possible, help to optimise and observe the compulsory product standards.

Use raw materials efficiently

An optimised production does not only mean cost and energy efficiency. It also leads to a sustainable and resource-saving use of materials.

Sustainable and resource-saving means to reduce unintentional excesses and avoidable costs.

Our measuring systems reveal potentials for a material saving and monitor the process so that a minimum of resources has to be used.

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