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Data logger for a wireless temperature and gas pressure measurement during pressing

Optimize your pressing process by measuring the development of gas pressure and mat temperature in any position within your press. The CONTILOG is a sensor that records the gas pressure and temperature during hot pressing of the panel board.

The temperature measurement provides information on the curing of the resin in the mat and enables you to optimize the press program for your individual recipes. Reach a core layer temperature of 212 °F [100 °C] as soon as possible! Delaminations can be minimized by improving the degasification from the mat center.

Benefits at a glance

  • Information on the curing of the resin in the panel (reaching of the 212 °F [100 °C] threshold in any position across the panel width)
  • Information on the degas behavior of wood based panels
  • Short start-up times of wood based panel productions
  • Optimization of existing press programs
  • Recipe adaptations in record time
  • Minimization of delamination
  • Detection of influences of upstream processes
  • Easy verification of the feasibility of new products

Measuring method

  • Placement of the logger in the core layer of the wood based mat
  • Marking of the logger‘s position on the mat edge
  • Continuous measurement of gas pressure and temperature while running through the hot press
  • Synchronise measurement with press inlet and outlet
  • Wireless read-out of the data logger

Monitor the Pressing Process and Improve the Mat Quality

Immediately detect the effects of optimization measures on the quality of your products. The effects of changes in surface or core layer moisture, glue structure, particle size, raw density and other parameters can be immediately checked. Even the influence by surface spraying, preheating systems, transport speeds and other upstream processes quickly become apparent. Reduce the start-up time of your press by checking the heat transfer to the core layer of your products in any position. Control the data loggers intuitively using “touch" with a tablet PC. The tablet PC can be used for both CONTILOG and EASYLOG data loggers. A wireless sensor is placed in a wood based mat as a lost component and runs through the hot press where it measures gas pressure and temperature. After leaving the press, the measured data is wirelessly read out with the tablet PC. The data can be transferred to a PC for evaluation using a USB stick.


  • Particleboard, OSB, MDF manufacturers
  • Insulating material manufacturers (up to 257 °F [125 °C])
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • Glue producers
  • Research institutes

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage Supply by the installed battery
  • Places of installation (other places of installation on request) Insert in the HWS mat
  • Type of material Chip, MDF, OSB, plywood
    Material/panel thickness min. 0.708 in [18mm]
    Product temperature max. 257 °F [125 °C]
  • Number max. 6 simultaneously
    Measuring process (see product finder) Sensorial
    Measuring range Pressure: 0 – 84.12 Psi [0 - 580 kPa] (above atmospheric pressure) Temperature: max. +257 °F [+125 °C]
    Repeat accuracy (in case of constant environmental conditions) Pressure - measuring error maximum: 2 % of the final value (with 32 to 185 °F [0 to 85 °C]) temperature - measuring accuracy: ± 32.9 °F [± 0.5 °C]
    Resolution (diameter of the measured spot) Pressure: 0.029 Psi [0.2 kPa] Temperature: 32.1 °F [0.0625 °C]
    Measuring speed Measuring resolution: time between two measuring points 0.5 s
    • USB

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