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Image processing scanner

Tailor-made systems for quality assurance and process control integrated with your production processes.

Scan 100% of product production for controlling material distribution across the mat, protecting continuous press steel belts, and identify surface defect of decorative panels with GreCon line of Production Scanners. These in-line scanning systems allow for immediate adjustments to production and assured quality control. Rejects are reduced, profits are increased, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  • Tailored customer solutions
  • 40 years of experience
  • cross-industry applications
  • Individual customer solutions
  • from project start to implementation

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 Erin Lloyd
Erin LloydFagus GreCon, Inc. - Measuring systems 704-594-8493 704-973-9733
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Jamie NottFagus GreCon, Inc. - Fire prevention, Fagus GreCon, Inc. - Measuring systems 705-987-3488 704-973-9733