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Protect what is important

Protect what is Important

Every employer must protect their people and premises to ensure uninterrupted production.

Safety first – fire prevention plays an important role in each production facility.

The goal of fire prevention is to help protect persons and property against the dangers and effects of fire. Furthermore, it is necessary to minimize material damage that is caused by production interruptions or loss of customers.

However, the risk of fire sometimes happens unconciously.

In order to optimize profit, production facilities become more and more efficient, and production losses are inacceptable. But fire and explosions are a risk factor in many processes.

What are the causes of the fires in Industrial and manufacturing properties?

Unclassified heat from powered equipment 100.00 0
Heat from operating equipment 86.17 0
Unclassified 80.85 0
Sparks or glowing embers from operating equipment 75.00 0
Arcing 54.79 0
Hot or smoldering object 49.47 0
Molten or hot material 29.79 0
Sparks or heat from friction 28.72 0
Heat ember or ash 27.13 0

Source: NFPA - Fires in Industrial and Manufacturing Properties (03/2018)

How high is the risk?

Source: NFPA - Fires in Industrial and Manufacturing Properties (03/2018)

fires occur at industrial and manufacturing properties in the U.S. every year

More than 1 billion $'s per year
of direct property damage

Combustible dust
is the main cause of fires and dust explosions

Consequential damages
are often disastrous events for companies

Are there Risks in Your Production?

Explosions and fires are great risk factors in many industries


Wood 100.00 0
Food 95.70 0
Metal 46.24 0
Plastic material 39.07 0
Charcoal 37.63 0
Other 35.13 0
Paper 4.66 0

Areas of application

Silos / Bins 100.00 0
Filters / Dust extractions 58.50 0
Dryer 27.67 0
Mills / Shredders 25.94 0
Screens / Seperators 15.56 0
Other 12.10 0
Mechanical transport systems 12.10 0
Grinding machines 10.37 0

Damage is caused in downstream plant areas and not in the place of origin of the sparks (e.g. dryer, burner, sander etc.). Therefore a spark extinguishing system is the safest solution.

How can you protect your plant?

Fire prevention is to be looked at in its entirety.
Effective fire prevention consists of several measures that support


Structural fire prevention helps to prevent fires and to isolate them. A burning fire is prevented from spreading.


By technical fire prevention, one understands facilities that, in case of fire, automatically contribute to avoid personal injuries or property damage.


Organizational fire prevention includes personnel and organizational measures that contribute to help prevent a fire from arising or spreading.

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