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Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems GreCon BS7

Detection and elimination of sparks and hot particles

Spark extinguishing systems offer safety for your production

In many different industries where bulk materials are processed, fires and dust explosions occur again and again worldwide with detrimental. Interruptions of the production process that are caused by these fires and explosions lead to substantial cost expenditure, potential personal injury, and property damage. 

With GreCon Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems, the risks of fire can be prevented by utilizing our special technique: detection - as quick as a flash - and automatic extinguishment before fire can arise. 

Spark detection - Simply explained

Benefits of the BS 7

  • Events recorded exactly to the millisecond
  • Risk management of your production process
  • Remote Control Monitor and Safety Information System option available
  • Eliminates ignition sources
  • Fire and explosion prevention
  • Avoid property, equipment and personal damage
  • Maintain greatest production availability
  • Discount for fire protection risk insurance possible

Functionality of our Spark Detection System

The Challenge

In these times of worldwide competition, modern production plants have to become more and more efficient. On top of new factories being built, a continuous improvement and increase in productivity is demanded from already existing and often obsolete production lines.

Nevertheless, production safety must not suffer from this. Above all, it is necessary to nip the creation of fires and explosions. Unprotected facilities for comminution, drying, cooling and pressing are especially at risk with their pneumatic or mechanical conveying or extraction systems. The challenge here is Industry-specific protection solutions for each new industy.

The GreCon Solution

GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems substantially contribute to an elimination of varied danger sources.

As preventive fire protection for filter systems and silos in numerous production plants, we have been part of the standard equipment in the area of safety technology for decades with the goal to protect mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems. Spark detection and extinguishment systems can detect and eliminate ignition sources before fires or explosions occur.

Suitable components

Service is our strength

Personal Customer Service with Competence and Experience Is Our Strength

Reliability – that’s what we are here for! Both in the field with fire protection and in the production line with measuring and inspection technology.

The GreCon spark extinguishing system detects sparks and extinguishes them before they cause damage. A service plan - which was developed  especially  for  these systems - enhances the reliability and removes any worry of damage of your GreCon systems. Measuring and inspection technology from GreCon will help you to optimise the use of energy and resources by gaining objective data. The quality and reliability of these measuring and inspection results influences your product quality and your production result. 

Industry Standards Certifications

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