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Pellet industry

Fire prevention for the pellet industry

The energetic exploitation of the regrowing primary product wood is nowadays an important part of renewable energies. This energy source is more and more sought after, especially in form of wood pellets, and produced in large quantity. However, the production processes, such as the disintegration and drying of the wood as well as the pressing to pellets, hold various risks of fire. Sparks, glowing embers or particles, generated in different plant areas, can easily cause serious fire and explosions. A GreCon spark extinguishing system significantly increases the safety and protection of the production facilities. It detects sparks in time and automatically extinguishes them – and has done so successfully for more than 40 years.

Danger zones of the pellet productions

  • Mill
  • Dryer
  • Press
  • Cooler
  • Filter
  • Silo

The right solution

  • Many  production  areas,  from  the  hammer  mill  via drying to the pellet press, can be the cause of ignition sources.  Due  to  the  fast-running  machines, the  high  press-pressure  and  the  high  temperatures, sparks or glowing particles can be created and reach, via extraction and conveying facilities, filters, silos or bins where they can meet explosive wood dust  concentrations  and  dry  pellets  and  quickly cause fire and dust explosions.

  • A fire or explosion can have serious consequences for your company:

    • Injury and loss of human life
    • Damage to machines, transport facilities and storage space
    • Production interruptions
    • Loss of income
    • Repair costs owing to damaged machines
    • Replacement costs owing to destroyed machines
    • Loss of customers
  • To protect your production, your staff and your machines against fire and explosions, GreCon offers you…

    • a fast, reliable spark extinguishing system 
    • which is especially adapted to your production
    • the detection of sparks and glowing particles in the areas at risk
    • the immediate extinguishment of sparks and glowing particles – in 99 percent of cases without production interruption
    • a record exactly to the millisecond so as to 
    • identify the causes of problems

Protection concept for the Pellet Industry