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Our solutions have a modular structure - the right solution for every challenge


Different risks - always the right detector

Spark Detectors for light-tight application

FM 1/8

Spark detector sensors contain photo diode elements that detects a spark or burning ember's infrared radiation and signal the control console

FM 3/8

For high temperature or high pressure applications, the fiber optic cables carry the IR energy to separate photo diodes within the sensor

Spark Detector for Daylight Application

DLD 1/9

Highly sensitive detector used to detect sparks and hot particles. Insensitive to daylight and artificial light. Excellent detection performance for all ignition sources in any environment thanks to adaptive detection technology

DLD 1/8

Highly sensitive detector to detect hot and glowing particles in pneumatic and mechanical conveying facilities. Insensitive to daylight and artificial light.

Temperature Sensors

TM 1/9

The TM 1/9 Ex is a thermo detector and has two different trigger functions that work in tandem. It reacts to the adjusted temperature threshold and triggers an alarm upon a rapid temperature rise which is typical of fire.

TM 3/9 plus

Temperature monitoring utilizing three contact temperature probes to monitor facilities for mechanical malfunctions. Two configurable alarm thresholds.

TM 1/8

Heat sensor detects the temperature rate-of-rise and is activated at various preset temperature levels

Flame Detectors


Detection of flames in an early stage with multispectral infrared technology with highest possible suppression of false alarms


Detection of flames in an early stage with multispectral infrared and ultraviolet technology in a large application range with highest possible suppression of false alarms.

Hot Particle Detectors

HPD 1/8

Detector reliably detects dangerous hot particle potentials in low, non-glowing temperature range.

Smoke Detectors

SRM 9/1 P

Scattered light smoke detectors of the SRM 9/1 PK series detect smoke particles from different sources. They are used for monitoring rectangular ventilation ducts. The scattered light smoke detector SRM 9/1 PK (with sample chamber) is used to monitor ventilation ducts if the air speed exceeds the maximum value of the SRM 9/1 R.

Control Consoles

The core of a spark detection system - where the threads converge

Control Console CC 7000

State-of-the-art control console with many and indivually control options.

Control Console CC5000

Basic control console for standard applications. Detection, control and countermeasure

Networking of Control Consoles BS7 Net

Visualization and synchronization of several control consoles in the factory. Centralized status information visible for the operator. Display on a PC or Mobile device.


Automatic countermeasures for a fast and safe risk prevention

Extinguishing device

GreCon extinguishing assemblies immediately extinguish sparks and burning embers before they can reach the downstream facility

Abort gate

Exhaust hazardous air flow from the ducting. Activated from the spark detection system sensors, a spring-loaded gate closes to prevent any hazards from entering the filter that could cause a fire or a dust explosion.

Fire trap

The fire trap closes the transport duct mechanically. Within miliseconds the production flow gets stopped

Diversion gate

Diverter, to close transport ducts and divert the material flow to a branch. 

Your customer advisor for Fire Prevention

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