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Pipe applications

Fire prevention for pipe applications

The sources of danger in pipes are manifold. When processing materials, auxiliaries like fats or wax are used. They evaporate and reach the outgoing air. They deposit within the exhaust ducts and build up to high fire loads. If sparks or hot particles reach the ducts, embers can form or deposits can be set on fire. Fire in pipes can interrupt production for a extended period of time.

With  the  outgoing  air  ducts often installed at the ceiling of the production hall, they are hardly accessible. Standard fire protection is of no use because the ducts are only cooled from outside. As burning ducts cannot be safely opened, access to the source of the fire and direct extinguishing is impossible.

Potentail Danger in pipes

  • Inflammable deposits within the pipe
  • Burning pipes are hard to extinguish without a Pipe Fire Extinguishment
  • A fire in the pipe would be detected but the nozzle from the spark detection and extinguishment system would only wet a small part of the pipe. The cause of the fire would not be eliminated. Therefore we need another nozzle for the additional pipe fire extinguishment.

Protection Concept Pipe Fire

Benefits at a glance

  • Detection and extinguishment of a fire in a pipe
  • Prevention of the spreading of fire into other areas
  • Detect a fire in an early stage and avoid further damage