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Milling applications

Fire prevention for milling applications

Mills are part of many production lines. They disintegrate or grind coarse materials to fine-grained or even powdery intermediate or end products. Due to the mechanical production processes, there is a permanent risk that sparks or overheating is generated that can cause fire or dust explosions.

Mills hold various risks of fire. When the fast-running machine is defective, it can generate sparks or overheating  which, due to the dusty environment, can quickly lead to an explosion or a fire in the mill or adjacent plant areas. Even the fans of the extraction system can generate sparks, which is why they also represent a high risk of fire and explosion. The highest risk involved, however, undesired foreign bodies within the product, such as metal pieces or stones, which will almost certainly generate ignition sources.

Potential Danger in Milling applications

  • Bearing damage
  • Material overload can cause overheating
  • Damage of grinding wheels
  • Foreign objects in the products: e.g. stones, nails
  • High sensitive GreCon Spark Detection and Extinguishment system with extra features, such as: 

    -  2 alarm levels (CC5000) 
    -  4 alarm levels (CC7000) 
    -  Different nozzle types to inject the appropriate amount of extinguishing water  
    -  Potential-free contacts to trigger desired reactions 

  • Monitor the temperature of the bearings with our TM 3/9 plus and create an alarm at a critical stage. With the help of the graphical long-term monitoring, hot run can be detected by temperature trends at an early stage. Preventive change of components to avoid a fire in a mill due to overheated bearings (predictive maintenance).

Fire protection concept mill

Benefits at a glance

  • Protection of downstream areas
  • Protection of the mill
  • Avoidance of a production standstill
  • Early fire detection to avoid further damage