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Filter applications

Fire prevention for filter applications

In filter systems there is a permanently existing fire potential. Basic precondition for such danger potentials are combustible raw materials which are processed to small pieces, such as chips or dust in the wood based panel industry or finely ground food and animal feed. Especially in filters, these materials form an explosive atmosphere in connection with oxygen in the air, which is merely awaiting an appropriate ignition source to cause a damaging fire or explosion.

As machine tools or dryers cannot be prevented from generating sparks or glowing embers, which are transported via pneumatic or mechanical conveying systems to downstream plant areas that are at risk of explosion, the potential for unscheduled events are a constant threat.

Potentail Danger in filter applications

  • Entry of ignition sources
  • Self-ignition and technical defects during operation
  • Self-ignition during downtime
  • High sensitive GreCon Spark Detection and Extinguishment system with extra features, such as: 

    -  2 alarm levels (CC5000) 
    -  4 alarm levels (CC7000) 
    -  Different nozzle types to inject the appropriate amount of extinguishing water  
    -  Potential-free contacts to trigger desired reactions 

  • During operation glowing particles will first occur in clean air outlet. 

  • The fire can start at the filter bags or in the bins/trays.

    Place one heat detector underneath the sheet plate.

    Use one heat detector for each bin/tray.

Protection Concept Filter

Benefits at a glance

  • Keep the filter running to avoid downtime
  • Detect a fire in an early stage and avoid further damage