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Belt Dryer

Fire prevention for Belt Dryer

Modern drying systems are ubiquitous in process engineering. The applications range from the food industry to the pulp and paper industry, pellet production and the wood-based materials industry. The basic principle is always similar: Bulk solids are transported into the dryer with moisture that is too high for the next processing step. The material is flowed through with hot or warm air.
In almost all o.g. Application areas are subject to the same risks. Very dry or overheated material carries a constant risk of fire in the dryer. The edge areas of the dryer belt are particularly at risk. Also, the material that has fallen around the dryer floor is extremely dangerous.
There are numerous fire risks in the belt dryer. The material being dried loses moisture at the end of the dryer and is therefore easily flammable. Fire risks must be identified early on and rendered harmless, before a damaging event occurs. If, for example, due to a system error, a belt stops or material deposits occur, the material is overdried. The material that is too dry is highly flammable and may ignite due to high process temperatures, friction or registered ignition initiation.

Potential danger

  • Fire in the dryer
  • Transport of hot embers and/or sparks into downstream areas
  • Bearing damage, fire in the dryer or in the bearing housing
  • Detection of small sparks by highly sensitive detectors. Effective extinguishment with minimum use of water.

  • Detection and extinguishing of sparks or hot particles before the dryer with the adaptable spark detector GreCon DLD 1/9 and with a fine water mist.
    Highly sensitive and insensitive to daylight. Prevention of the transfer of ignitable particles into the dryer. The proper water quantity immediately available.

  • Spark detection in transfer positions with the new highly sensitive and adaptable spark detector GreCon DLD 1/9.
    Alarm level 1 starts extinguishment. Alarm level 2 can automatically start the entire dryer extinguishment

Protection concept

  • Protection of downstream areas
  • Protect the belt dryer to avoid standstill of production
  • Detect a fire in an early stage and avoid further damage