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Our Story

An insight into our eventful history

Our biggest assets...

"Our biggest assets are neither the machines nor bank accounts, but the knowledge, the skills and the commitment of our employees."

This credo of our company's founder, Carl Benscheidt, is still valid today - without any restrictions. We live this fundamental conviction still today as the 5th generation by an open corporate culture, individual training programmes, an ergonomic design of the workplaces and confidence in our employees.

Every day about 650 employees worldwide try to enthuse our customers with dedication and commitment. Granted, we do not always manage to do so, but we work hard to achieve this goal. Lean management, value stream analysis or BERG (our design principle for user-friendly products) are only some examples. 

A long story

Founded in 1911 by Carl Benscheidt as the company Fagus GmbH for the production of shoe lasts, we, as the company Fagus-GreCon, are today world market leader in the field of industrially used systems for the detection and elimination of sparks, we are the quality leader for the industrial shoe production and are the only company that offers measuring systems for monitoring and control purposes which covers the whole manufacturing process of belt and line-type products with it product range.

Numerous, sometimes revolutionary innovations in different areas characterise our way:

  • First curtain glass facade (today UNESCO World Heritage site FAGUS-FACTORY)
  • Introduction of the left and right shoe lasts
  • First industrial spark extinguishing system
  • First scanner for an automatic defect detection in solid timber
  • First X-ray scanner for defect detection
  • and much more

How did this heterogeneous product range come up? That's easy: thanks to love and family ties.

The granddaughter of the family founder, Ruth Benscheidt, married the owner of a machine construction company, Ernst Greten, in Springe. In 1974, their sons Ernst and Gerd Greten took over the management of Fagus GmbH after their uncle who held this position as the third generation fell ill.

The companies which were founded by Ernst und Gerd before, GreCon-Anlagenbau and GreCon-Elektronik were incorporated into the traditional Fagus company: Fagus-GreCon was established.

Thanks to the financial power generated by this merger it was possible to maintain the Fagus-Factory built by Walter Gropius in 1911 and make it accessible to the public as UNESCO World Heritage site.